Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Congratulations Olympians

Congratulations to all the Olympians whether you finished or like me, you did not.
I can't believe jumpers were knit in 16 days (I think it ws 16 days) and not just plain jumpers either, intricate designs! And pomatomus socks! I'm happy to complete stocking stich socks!!
Well done everyone!!

On another note, the person who commented regarding my angelyarns order...
As you didn't leave me an email address to contact you on I have submitted another contact form through the website. I also 'googled' your name and found an address for you that I hope is correct.
I am keen to get this sorted out asap.

If emailing this time fails, I have added an 'email me' link so that you can contact me easily (you know where I am, I on the other hand cannot contact you) So I am crossing my fingers.

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