Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh Dear

Guess what was waiting for me to collect today?

A parcel from angelyarns. Yep, really.

They still cannot get it right!
3 balls of Kiddy Print 600 is not the same as Opaline 600. (the colour is similar though I must add)
One magazine does not equal two magazines.
However this will have to do.

There was no message in the parcel, no - sorry, here's your stuff, can't find the Kiddy Print hope this yarn will do.

I don't know about you but I expect more from a company, I expect them to answer my emails, I expect them to send me exactly what I order and pay for. I expect an email or a note in the parcel if they can't send what I have ordered.

And they obviously got my emails, cos they wouldn't have known they sent me the wrong yarn in the first place!! Sheesh. One word: "communication" - hit the reply button.

I give up, I'm going to have a nice cold Iced Coffee, a custard tart, and a bit of a lay down.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Normal blogging will return shortly, I promise -(I do, honest)


Donna said...

I think I'd wrap it all up, mark it "Return to sender" and contact teh credit card company and ask for a refund!

Tigers said...

My credit card company said to contact the Office of Fair Trade in the UK and if I didn't get anywhere with them, to then file a claim dispute to recover monies.

Even they said it was a bad way to conduct business.