Sunday, March 26, 2006

What I've been up to lately.

While in the city today, a last minute visit to Lincraft netted me this....

don't bother going there, I bought the lot 22 balls! overkill? ya reckon??

I have been wanting this ever since I saw Donna's finished garment here , scroll down 2/3 page. Beautiful. This colour of Zhivago has been discontinued and I never thought I'd find it anywhere now. ( Snoopy happy dance) Now I can make this cardi. 'When' is the next question though.

Currently on the needles are:

1. Umm, a chunky/slubby scarf using Spotlight's newest yarn and 12mm needles. Nearly finished.

2. A hat from same yarn above. Currently swatching - no picture. This yarn is my favourite at the moment.

3. A scarf from the 'Stress Relief Scarf' kit using Velveteen. I cast this on years ago, needs to be finished.

4. A scarf using some sparkly yarn from Lincraft. My knit at work project - easy garter stitch throughout.

5. Opal socks for Miss A. Yes there has been progress on these too.

6. This is some mohair, another newy from Spotlight. Haven't quite decided what to do with this but I've swatched a few patterns ( feather and fan, open lacy pattern, plain garter) so if you know what a good pattern for this might be, let me know. Don't know if it's a scarf or a shawl yet either, but I have 3 balls of the stuff.

I haven't done much else except my assignment, which is mostly done and needs a bit of fine-tuning to make it presentable, it has to be handed in this Wednesday. So far so good.


sillyewe said...

Hey, Girlie!! I know a good pattern for your mohair.....

You can do it in a tank top. LOVELY!!!!

I will send ya an email and we'll discuss....hehehehe

Jessica said...

LOL and I felt greedy when I walked out of spotlight with those 10 balls of zhivago for Donna.
I just hope you got them nice and cheap how I did :)

Tigers said...

I am soo not ready to knit Butterfly!! lol I have enough trouble with plain ol' triangle shawls. But it is lovely!

I did not get the pink variegated Zhivago cheap but considering I was very lucky to find it (and that much of the stuff) and that other stores have Zhivago advertised for nearly $6.00 a ball, I managed to save $2 per ball.