Monday, March 13, 2006

Finished socks

I finished the socks at last!
Here's a picture of them, please forgive the stubbly legs. If I hadn't have mentioned them you'd never have noticed, I know.

The cuff is a right twist rib. I especially like the backward loop cast off. Except that I didn't do a backward loop, I just used a yarn over, the tiny holes are barely noticeable. I love the finished look so I think that will be my standard cast off in future.

Here's another shot of the cast off edge. A bit blurry but you can still see the cute stitches.

So I have casted on (?) another pair straight away. This time in Opal magic yellow colourway. I had been saving the Opal for when I improved in my sock knitting. Whoo Hoo I've graduated to Opal!! These socks are for Miss A, a long overdue request for yellow and black socks.

And guess what!!

Last night Miss A and I sat down again to teach her how to knit. We are knitting a scarf for Camel - one of her soft toys who really needs a scarf. After a couple of rows together she was keen to try on her own. A few wobbly rows later and she produced a few even rows of knitting. She squealed 'I'm knitting!' I am so proud of her.

I am making sure that this is a positive time for her as most people recall fondly the person who taught them to knit. I want her to have a good experience, she can get so easily frustrated when things don't turn out the way she plans. Add to that the fact that we live with someone who thinks knitting is a complete waste of time, she won't show her dad as she knows he'll only rubbish her efforts and make fun of it. Makes me sad.

I have to stop here or I'm going to end up recalling every depressing detail of the breakup. Knitting is the one thing to keep my mind off it and stop me from going completely downhill.

Besides this is 'sposed to be a happy, cheery, friendly, little knit blog. So I'll pull myself together and go and knit socks. (after browsing the internet for a few hours) Miss A has gone out with her dad for the afternoon, yeah the stress-free weekend did not eventuate, but that's a whole 'nother story :)

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Jessica said...

Congratulations on The knitting lessons with Miss A.

You've been on line all this time???!!! Shock Horror!!!!!
LOL not really, I think most of us stay on line and wander off and do bits and come back or just knit in front of the computer some days.
How else are we supposed to find all those fantastic patterns and gorgeous yarns???