Monday, March 13, 2006

Blog additions

PictureTrail and tigerknits have formed a partnership (Anyone can actually, just sign up at the website)
Yep, I've seen these albums on others' blogs and liked 'em, now I have my own (aint the internet grand)

I want to keep the Flickr badge, cos I like the little scrolling pictures in the sidebar. Must remember to add more so they are not appearing so often.

I've added a PictureTrail link because I can store all the knitting related stuff (like that word 'stuff' - stuff, stuff, stuff - covers so many things I can't put into words. The word 'things' works just as well)
anyway the knitting related stuff can be (what's the word?... 'stuff' won't work here) umm ...divided, no, sorted into different albums and with the thumbnail thingy on the side you get to choose what you look at.

Must knit more cos the albums are a tad on the empty side at the moment. I'll have to take photos of all the scarves I've done in the past. Everyone likes looking at pictures of feathery, floofy, novelty scarves! (remember - look or not it's up to you and if you go and look now you'll be disappointed cos there's not much in there at all )
Might add a dyeing album where I can put all the pics of the yarn I've coloured.

Shhh - yes, I've been online all this time!

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Donni said...

Hi there! Your blog looks great! Will check in every now and then.