Sunday, March 12, 2006

Aaw she found me!! :)

I am sitting here giggling!
I had been dropping little hints to my Secret Pal as to my real identity (I feel like a superhero, "noone must find out my true identity hahahaha") for the duration of Secret Pal 7.
She found me, giggle.
I was at the zoo a few weeks ago and while browsing in the souvenir shop I came across a bookmark of a tiger, a real close up of it's eyes. Love tiger's eyes! So I couldn't resist adding it to the parcel and letting her know that there was a clue in there. Tiger bookmark = tigerknits.
I have had a great time with SP, I am glad I decided to participate, I have met a really nice person in my spoilee and what a coincidence it was to find out that although she now lives in the US she lived in my town for awhile. That was freaky. I hope we continue to keep in touch, I know I'll visit her blog. Yay, now I can add it to my links section.

On the flip side, I can't wait to find out who is SP for me. She is spoiling me so good!

So this SP thing is more than just sending/receiving gifts, it's about new friendships being made and I suspect that the people who volunteer their time to organise it knew about this all along!


sillyewe said...

hahahaha! That was a tough one, but very challenging to find you! Thank you for making it so much fun.Now! I can read up on your blog and REALLY find out about you. (evil laugh)

Tigers said...

Now! I can read up on your blog and REALLY find out about you. (evil laugh)

- That's what I'm afraid of ;)