Saturday, March 11, 2006

Normal blogging returns...yay!

Finally have a few things I can blog about. (and the time too)

Firstly, and I'm going to get this out, I know you don't want to here anymore about the AngelYarns saga. But it is only fair if I blog the bad then I blog the good:
Angelyarns has finally contacted me and are very apologetic and sympathise with my plight.
They have had email and staff issues and are working hard to put things right.
I had a lovely email from the owner and she has looked into the problem and has organised for the correct Kiddy Print to be sent to me asap. They have even let me keep the incorrect yarns! So I will definitely put them to good use. Thank you!

Ok back to normal blogging as promised earlier.

I have been bitten by the sock bug again and have really enjoyed kniting these socks. The best part was when I tried them on and the heel fits really well. Ok, I think I short rowed down too far but I'll remember that for the next pair (12 sts instead of 9)

I use the Crazy Heels and Toes method of 2 socks on 2 circulars. She works her heels differently, there are no stitches to pick up in the gusset, you knit that at the same time. It took me hours to knit the heels and I do mean hours. I have to set a side a day for it. The first heel took 4 hours and the second went quicker at 3.5 hours. I must admit I was getting really shitty whilst doing the heels, so frustrating taking so long. BUT all was forgiven when I found I had great fitting heels at the end of it.

I have tried dpns and a shorter circular, but this is the method that's working for me. So I am going to stick with this.

For the cuffs I am knitting the Baby Cable Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks. Must say I hate find ribbing tedious and to have to do the whole cuff in rib is awful slow going.

The yarn used is Patonyle that I dyed myself using Ashford Acid Dyes. I skeined the yarn and dyed it in quarters: pink,blue,pink,blue. Where the colours mixed are varying shades of purple.

Spotlight has 20% off all yarns until Sunday. These came home with me:

Some more mohair. This is Moda Vera 'Sentiments'. Couldn't resist the colour. Now I just have to find a nice, easy shawl pattern. Still thinkin' 'bout what to do with the Knitting Olympics effort that's sitting there. So if you know of a nice triangular shawl pattern that's really easy to knit let me know.

This is some cheapo acrylic that Spotlight seem to be overflowing with that I liked the colour of (good thing I'm not buying a car, cos we all know I buy things by colour!) I haven't used 100% acylic for socks so not sure how they'll work out.

This one is the same as above, el cheapo acrylic, and yep this reminded me of the ocean so I thought it'd be good for the Shoalwater Shawl. I was hoping to get the Magnum Prints in the bluey/green colourway but the girls at Spotlight say it's been discontinued!! As you can see I am by no means a yarn snob, if it's a pretty colour doesn't matter if it's cheap sh*t, I'll buy it.

Lesson learnt: Just because your yarn is expensive doesn't mean your project'll turn out better. See the KO shawl from previous posts.

On a more private note:

I would love to be able to blog like Crazy Aunt Purl. I can totally relate to the whole finding out who you are thing after a relationship bust up. She puts into words how I feel about my marriage breaking up. You wonder where you went for 12 years and you come to the realisation that you don't want him back, you want you back, but the future is so scary now. Knitting has helped calm my mind and it's easy to concentrate on just forming neat stitches when everything else seems to be chaotic. It's the one thing I can control and it's not turning out so bad, it's something good in a fog of yuck.

Another good thing is that Mr Ex has gone away for the weekend and I can relax and not worry about that stuff for a bit. I guess he could've said 'seeya' or am I expecting too much? I find it, not sentimental, but sad when he can't even give me the time of day after 13 years!


Jessica said...

I am so glad Angel yarns finally fixed things up.

You might want to reconsider socks in acrylic yarn. No I am not being a yarn snob, cheap is good and colourful and floofy and glittery is all fun and has it's place. Just feet need to breathe and acrylic will make them smelly.

Tigers said...

Ooh smelly feet, we have enough stinky feet here this week.

I'll have to think of something else to make with it.
And after knitting socks with nice yarn it may be hard to wear cheapo acrylic stuff.

Thanks for the advice :)