Thursday, March 16, 2006


This is from angelyarns! The correct Kiddy Print, yay!
They also said they would send a little something extra: their Angora sock kit.
Beautiful angora yarn, a set of needles, a pattern and in the little pouch are some lovely stitchmarkers.

Not a very good picture but they are beautiful!

Thank you angelyarns.

Not much time for knitting lately as my next assignment is due soon. This time it is creating complex spreadsheets. Anyone out there an excel expert? I should have opened it when it arrived last week so I'm going to have to get stuck into it.

Oh, did I mention that I passed the first part of the Certificate?? Phew. Only 8 more units to go.


sillyewe said...

oooooh, I love it! So soft looking and touchable. I dreamed I came to Adelaide last night and had coffee with you and went to the Guild and met up with some others from the past. heh That was quite a fast trip. :0) Hope your work is going great!

Jessica said...

Ouch! I hate it when assignments creep up on you. I am only just learning excel so no help to you there.

I love the kiddy print you finally got. The colours are beautiful.