Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thanks Secret Pal!!

I received a package from my secret pal today! (Snoopy happy dance)
Note the scissors at the bottom ready for action. Before I ripped into it I remembered to take a photo.

You made my day!
Ok wanna peek at the gifts? Yep customs took a peek too.

There are 2 bars of gorgeous smelling soap: Rosemary Mint and Red Currant, 4 balls of Fun Fur in blue and pink. A beautiful journal with one of my favourite flowers (irises) on it. There are 2 lots of soy silk to spin, and some soft fleece?? a greeny one a grey and a creamy coloured one. And some chunky yarn, could it be my Secret Pal's Handspun??

Ok Secret Pal I have a few questions:

1: What kinds of fleece are they? I have no experience, but at a guess the grey and cream may be bunny fleece. (Do you call bunny fur fleece??) It is extremely soft. They all are actually.

2. Did you spin this beautiful yarn yourself? I aspire to spin like this!

Thank you heaps!

Days bathroom remains yucky until I give up and clean it myself: 3 so far. Do not expect pictures of this!!


Jessica said...

WOW!!! I love your secret pal package. It's so hard to remember to photograph packages before you just rip them open.
The last bit got me.........bathroom stays yukky for how many days? LOL only 3 so far......... my ex waited 30 before I finally lost it with him. (Miss B and I were using the bathtub and downstairs toilet,which I cleaned, and not the shower during this time.) I was curious to see how long he would leave it for........ I couldn't bear it anymore and will never know how long he would have left it for.

Anonymous said...

I knew customs was going to be all over it because I refused to clearly write what was inside it. What would be the fun in putting down the exact contents on the outside of the box?! That totally takes away the fun of LOOKING inside it.

I bet they were like "What the heck is all this stuff?"

Anyway...the grey and cream in the baggies is plucked angora, bunny fleece is a cute way of putting it...mind if I start using that as well?

The green is a carded batt of wool/silk/tencel/sparkle stuff made by a spinning friend.

I did in fact spin that yarn, I thought it matched the journal so when I saw it next to it I was like "Oh! Must put this in there as well!" It's falklands wool I believe...I can never remember what I spin.

Irises are my favorite as well. :)

Maybe next time I should include a little package for customs as well, so when they open it they won't feel so cheated by nothing exciting.

Tigers said...

I'm getting ready to send to my Secret Pal and don't know whether to follow the intimidating instructions for detailing the contents, and instructing her not to look. (That'll work right!)

Oh I guessed right Bunny Fleece.
Cool you spun the yarn!! So excited that's fantastic!

A present for Customs, hmm wonder what it could be?

Rachel said...

Ooo, what a great suprise! Looks like loads of good stuff. You have a great SP.

Oh and in your last post, I with you about knitting for relaxing and not putting any deadlines on it. Seems like a better choice.

sillyewe said...

Got cha! :0) That was one HUGE clue.