Sunday, February 12, 2006

KO Shawl progress

I just pulled a little on one side of the shawl - I was actually evening out the stitches along the lifeline that I had run a few rows back, the pink yarn was not even ( It's gotta be even right?) - and not watching the other side, out of sight out of mind and all that, picked up the ends and there were about 6 stitches sitting in mid air. I started to panic, my heart fell, but then I calmly and shakily slid the needle back through the visible stitches. I think I should have counted them then but didn't, anyway I counted them about 4 rows on and discovered 1 stitch missing. Where did it go, I thought I got them all?? On looking closer there was a bit of a loop sticking out about 4 rows down, this has to be it right?
Executive decision was made, yep that's a stitch. So I hooked it back up best I could, looks okay.
Counted stitches and now the count was correct. The only tell tale sign is that the big, ugly holes in the middle went wonky about 4 rows down (well that is now 14 rows down, nup, can't stop gotta keep going) It's toward the bottom of the shawl so it shouldn't be seen too easily. Anyway I'll wear it around non knitters and they'll never know. And I just know the first time I wear it I'll get it caught on something stupid like the fridge door and pull a thread. My luck is like that :)

It is getting better to knit as I go along, but I really have to concentrate on the stitches - every single one of them. And I thought socks were hard, can't wait to knit another pair.

Here is a picture:


Jessica said...

WOW it definately grows quicker when you start from the point of the triangle.
You are making me feel bad because I have been trying to ignore the kidsilk haze.......... ok , not ignoring it, just glaring at it and refusing to pick it up.

Which needles are you using for the lace? Several people have said to me they use bamboo needles for lace so the stitches don't slide off so easily.

Tigers said...

I read your blog entry about the Kidsilk Haze and I got a funny feeling inside...I thought then that I may have trouble with this stuff as it is similar.

I am using cheap Pony size 10mms.

It was bad enough to have to go and buy new needles for this let alone get *good* ones. If I decided to take up lace knitting (cough, splutter, chokes on Pepsi) then I might look into less slippery ones.