Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I give up

I have not had so much trouble with projects before. First the shawl now this.
Last night I decided to make this,

I have a substitute yarn on hand, I have the needles, nothing to go out and buy. So I cast on and join and knit until 10pm then I get up early and knit some more till I find that I had twisted it whilst joining ?!? now I checked real well when I joined it and didn't see it. So ripped it out and took it to work to knit on during breaks. Have now decided to knit back and forward for a bit and then join it.
Why am I having such terrible luck? Where is the Knitting Goddess when you need her??
(There's a Knitting Olympics on - where do you think she is?)

The time to finish something is fast dwindling. I cannot believe how things are turning out. I am beginning to doubt my abilities, I know they are there but everything I touch knitwise has gone belly up.

I think I should just go with a garter stitch scarf, can't muck that up or can I?


Rachel said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Some times the knitting faries just aren't paying enough attention. They haven't been with me either if it helps. Try not to lose faith. Your abilities are still there!

Tigers said...

Thanks Rachel.
I like the idea of knitting fairies.

Have you been having problems too?

I'm goin' back to basics with a garter stitch scarf, cast on last night and all's goin' sweet :) finally

Jessica said...

It's ok. There are some days you just aren't meant to knit.
Crazy I know!!!
That's when you just put it aside and come back to it tomorrow and try again with fresh eyes. Sometimes its more than one tomorrow before you decide to get back to it and thats ok too.

I personally decided not to participate in the knitting olympics as I know deadlines and me don't like each other. The more pressure I put on myself the more I stuff up my knitting. I want my knitting to be enjoyable so I figured I'd make a pretty good spectator :)

Sharon said...

Sometimes when you put it aside for a day or two and then go back to it all seems better.

Garter stitch scarves??? No way!!

Tigers said...

Yep, plain ol' garter stitch with a fancy novelty yarn, not everyone's cup of tea I know, but mindless knitting helps sometimes too.