Friday, February 03, 2006

Add it to my 'To Do' list

Aaah, I love getting parcels, I must love getting parcels more than eating. This is what was waiting for me yesterday:

OK we have:
  • A ball of Yoyo - Damson Mist lovely colour
  • Yoyo jacket pattern - most patterns for Yoyo use just one ball, why did I think this wouldn't be different (I have 3 balls of Yoyo, all different, oh well just an excuse to get more yarn, but at $50 a pop......)
  • Sirday Firefly pattern - I thought this might work with the ladder type stuff from Spotlight and as I have 3 balls of that already I don't have to buy too much more. I want to make the poncho thingy and yes, I need a pattern.
  • Opal Elemente 1071 sock yarn.
  • Opal Rainforest Flamingo sock yarn
  • Opal Rainforest Parrot sock yarn
  • Laines du Nord Kiddy Print 3 balls- THEY SENT THE WRONG COLOUR! yes I did shout!! I ordered colour 600 pinks and white and got colour number 6 black /green /blue /magenta, not happy! I sent an email to the company and now I have to wait for them to get back to me. I could bitch about how a large company shouldn't make a mistake like that, but what good would it do?? I'm just really disappointed and these things happen, hopefully they can organise to send the correct yarn etc.
  • Simply Knitting number 10 I like this magazine. I am missing issues 4, 5 and 6.

Now I have to pull my finger out and actually get knitting. I haven't knitted all week, been so tired after work. Now that it's the weekend we'll see what happens.

Secret Pal Stuff

My Secret Pal emailed me with a questionnaire, I like questionnaires :) I wish my Secret Pal would email me more often, I'd like to get to know them better. I have made good friends with the person that I am SP for and we email each other several times a week.

So for future posts I hope to introduce my pets that will have to be a series.

Have a good weekend.


Jessica said...

I Love the look of that flamingo sock yarn.

Pity about the mix up but I'm sure they will do the right thing......... well they better or all of blogland will know about it :)

Tigers said...

Hi Jessica,
I hope so, I don't mind keeping it and placing another order for the correct yarn, I'm sure I could think of something else to add to the order :)

I was a good blogger - I didn't mention the name of the store.

Jessica said...

Yes , very restrained....... I'm not sure I would be quite as well behaved LOL.
I was wondering if you know about the Adelaide Knitting group.
There is a Sunday meet coming up pretty soon ( have to check on the date) and they also meet in the city every second wednesday night.

Let me know if you want to know more :)

Rachael said...

Did you get that all locally? The opal??? I'd like to get my hands on some opal, hopefully for $20 or under.
BTW, love your blog!

Tigers said...

I was at the last Sunday Meeting ;)
Looking forward to going again!

No, I got it from the UK (an online store) Can't remember what the price was after conversion but I know if it wasn't a good price I wouldn't have ordered it. I have seen it from $26- $29 in Aust!

Jessica said...

LOL Okies now I have to figure out who you were. I didn't see any stripey people with tails walking about......... Clues please.

Tigers said...

One clue is all you need:
Feathers scarf :)

Next time I'll bring my socks.

Jessica said...

Hmmmmm, You are going to laugh at me, I am having a huge mental blank on everyones names. Does your name start with L?

Tigers said...

Yep :)
I'm surprised you remembered that much.

Jessica said...

Lol I remember all of your name, not just the L. Just didn't know if you wanted it mentioned on your blog or not. :)

Tigers said...

Aah thanks for your consideration.

I'm one of those that chooses to hide whilst blogging. (In case I blog something that gets me into trouble haha)