Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nothing much to blog about lately.

I've made progress on the purple slippers - well I thought I had until I noticed I had too few stitches on the needles and had to tink 5 rows. That's set me back about an hour. But I'm still enjoying them.

I decided to take my knitting to work and sat in the classroom by myself and knit a few rows on a scarf in Velveteen. I am not comfortable yet, to sit in the staffroom and knit. I think there are a couple of other people who knit but I think they are either telling fibs or are not maniacal about it like I am.
Surely if there were other knitters they would have been seen by now? Although there I am hiding away, maybe they hide too. All this Hush Hush bizzo about it. Tch.

As soon as I mention that I knit and spin people begin to look at me strangely. Does anyone else get that. Please let me know, otherwise I'll know for sure that it has nothing to do with knitting and it is just me.

I still haven't heard back from the company that sent the wrong yarn. I am almost beside myself, checking emails twice a day, obsessive, nah, not me ?!? I hate loose ends like this and will rest easier when I have heard from them. I've decided if I haven't heard from them by Friday I will email again. Hmmm...

Have a great day


Jessica said...

I don't spin but I definately get weird looks when I say I knit.
Either that or requests for things that I don't even have the time to knit for myself let alone others. Non knitters have no idea the time required to complete anything. Nor do they have any idea on how much yarn is nessecary or the cost.
Or just any of it LOL.

Tigers said...

Then it is not just me, phew. I'm lucky I suppose, I only knit for myself and my daughter. Noone has requested anything yet - apart from DDs Teddies needing scarves haha.

Jessica said...

Knitting for others can be good and bad. I love being able to see people wearing the things I have made and enjoying them. It helps that Miss B and C are VERY appreciative of their knitted gifts. Miss B is still loving the idea that I make her things that none of her friends have.Probably because they like what she has and are envious. Give her another year or so and it will probably be another story.