Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Snowed under

I was hoping to be able to finish an item for the Knitting Olympics ( garter stitch novelty scarf hah, that's all that I could conquer at the moment ) but I don't think I'll finish. I have become soo busy here with work and studies - haven't even looked at my assignment properly yet and it is due in two weeks! Work is following me home because the computers at work are not functioning properly. I haven't heard my daughter read this week and she needs attention too, she's in the kitchen let loose on my sewing machine, churning out garment after garment and going way too fast. The bathroom needs cleaning yuck, I did drop hints to Mr Ex seeing as though he has most of the day free before going to work but....still yucky when I get home, don't get me started in that department!! I can feel a whinge coming on. ( deep breath )

I am just knitting for relaxation now, not for finishing anything.

Oh, my parcel from Get Knitted arrived I had purchased some great patterns - Shoalwater Shawl, the fibretrends butterflies and blossom sock patterns, oh and the leaf one too, another ball of opal sock yarn and Kiddy Print 600

I've given up on hearing from, (never ever going to order from there again, they still have to send me two magazines and are not answering an email I sent them from 4 weeks ago!!! ) about the Kiddy Print 600 (they sent me number 6) so I ordered from Get Knitted and it's here already.

It was terrific ordering from Get Knitted I highly recommend it! Great service, timely delivery and good price.

Off to do the dishes/laundry/hear reading etc

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Tess said...

Noticed you have outstanding stuff from Angelyarns - can you please email me direct and I'll deal with this asap for you - we've had some problems in the company but are working through them as quickly as we can - I suspect your email may have dropped off the system when we changed hosting companies so we may not know you are waiting for stuff still but if you email me I'll get it sorted for you asap.
Sorry you waited for so long though ;-(