Saturday, February 18, 2006

Finally Finished (Felted) Fing

Yay I have a finished object. It doesn't count for the Knitting Olympics and sadly I don't care. The final of a series of felted slippers for my daughter and I.
Behold the purple felted slippers!

As to the Knitting Olympics, the yarn for the shawl is on it's way and I still want to knit it and the other poncho so they will now be next in line, after the garter stitch scarf I am currently knitting as a breather.

In between all this my daughter wanted to learn to use the sewing machine. How could I say no?

I am trying to get her to learn knitting she is interested but not really in to it yet. She can french knit but it kicked her once when a few stitches (3 cms) unraveled on her whilst in her bag and she hasn't done much since.

Anyway after sewing stitches on a square of fabric she decided she wanted a cape so off she went. She designed, cut out and sewed a very simple cape and superhero mask all by herself.

Getting her to take it off is the trick. Aah, another crafter in the family.


Rachel said...

Very cute slippers and daughter :)

Tigers said...


Jessica said...

Isn't it amazing where their imaginations take them.....
Maybe it's a good thing she likes sewing more than knitting....... your stash is safe for a little bit longer :)

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