Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The reason I didn't do my dishes last night...

This is Kitty. Her full name is Itty Bitty Sh*tty Kitty, she was really small when we got her and she likes to use the bathtub if ya know what I mean. She's a quiet little cat she hardly meows at all. She sleeps on the end of my bed and will sometimes wake me at 5.30am for a pat and a cuddle. She likes to squeeze herself into little places.

Kitty used to have a little mate called Smoochy, we bought them at the same time and they went everywhere together. But unfortunately he got hit by a car, very sad. It happened just after my husband and I separated and Smoochy was his cat. They would lick each other to sleep and chase each other round the house you were in danger of getting bowled over by them, the house was full of life. I thought they would grow old together. After Smoochy died Kitty was very quiet for weeks, she would just sit there it was heartbreaking.

Ah I just remembered - Smoochy loved playing in water. We would find their water bowl empty quite often and wondered how they could drink so much. Then one day we heard water splashing and peeped in just in time to see him flicking the water out of the bowl and trying to chase it.

Even though we have two other cats we had to get her a new friend. And so Scrappy came to live with us. He is Mr Ex's cat, ( as are the other two he informs me, funny I thought they were ours oh that's right their isn't an "ours" anymore) Kitty's new friend and he loves playing in boxes. They'll chase each other but it's not the same, Smoochy was gentle with Kitty and you could see that he was going easy on her, Scrappy pins her down and makes her hiss.

He'll meow to go in and out and meow a thank you as he comes in it's really nice, makes getting of your butt for the fifth time to let a cat in/out worthwhile.

Two more to go. Our cats are all (except one) adopted from the Animal Welfare.

This is Gypsy, she used to live next door but decided we were the ones she wanted about 8 years ago, a lovely placid cat who would sit right next to you when you sat down and wanted to be patted. When our neighbours moved they let her stay with us. She will sleep in the rain,we have to go out and bring her in if it rains. She is getting older now and has been a joy to know. This is when she was a little younger, her fur is not quite as white and she doesn't clean herself as well as she used to.

This is Puddy ( yeah we're creative on cat names ) She was 3 years old when whe came to live with us. She likes to sleep on tables and up trees. Last night was the first night she ever sat on anyone's lap and she'll rarely jump up on the lounge. Mr Ex ( on one of his rare visits into our half of the house - he lives out the back, my daughter and I have the front part ) sat in the loungeroom to watch a DVD and she hopped up and laid her head on his lap!

So we have four cats in all and wouldn't be without any one of them.


angrybadger said...

thats just the cutest kitty cat ever!!!

Donna said...

When I read the "Smoochy was his cat. They would lick each other to sleep and chase each other round the house you were in danger of getting bowled over by them," bit, first off I thought you meant your ex and the cat, LOL!

Tigers said...

Oops, I checked it before posting but that bit, LOL, does sound a bit weird. That's so funny.

To clarify it, yes Kitty and Smoochy would lick each other to sleep and run round the house. hee hee, not my ex and his cat that would be way wrong!

I'm still laughing at the thought of it.