Sunday, January 29, 2006

As good as it gets -or- I have just lost a day

I have changed the blog's template quite a bit this last 24 hours. I was up until
2 this morning and back at it from 7 till 11!
But it is finally done!

Firstly I widened the body and narrowed the sidebar, no mean feat let me tell ya, this involved making and resizing the pictures that go to make up the blog eg:the heading underlines, finding what all those numbers mean in the HTML. I had
problems when the main body overlapped the sidebar, the sidebar wouldn't align right. I had to go through the template line by line and change something and see what it did, then I'd have to remember what I changed and go back in and change it back.

The blog previewed beautifully, for many hours, but on saving the changes and checking the site itself, it would muck up, I was at my wits end (not in tears though this time :) )

So, this is as good as it gets. I am not changing anything else I can live with the text right up snug with the sidebar. I can, honest. :I

I don't wanna learn HTML anymore.

Oh I also made myself a new header and a button to match.
I took some of the sock yarn that I hand dyed last year and arranged it artistically and took many photos. The yarn butterfly I ended up with was quite by accident but I think it's pretty cool.

I will show some of the hand dyed yarn in a later post as I have spent too long on the computer, my butt hurts and I need a shower!


Kylie said...

Didn't see the old one, but i love the new look:)

Tigers said...

Thank you Kylie,
The old one was the plain template for snapshot, I think it was, in pink.