Saturday, January 28, 2006

Slippers are done

Slippers pre felting, if you look closely I grafted one toe and used a three needle bind-off for the other. After felting you can see the three needle bind-off, so back to grafting (even a terrible grafting job looked better felted than a good three needle bind off)

Slippers are all finished. The felting process took 2 hours, I began to think that it wouldn't happen but as you can see below it did :) . DD tried them on before declaring that they were itchy. Great! Wear 'em with socks then. It is sometimes disappointing to be a knitter in a family who don't appreciate a knitted gift. Oh well, that means I can knit more things for me. Now onto my purple slippers.

I wonder how long these will last, the first slippers I made didn't last too long (4 weeks) before holes started appearing hopefully felting makes them stronger.

HTML Lesson
Sidebar updates: I changed that horrible orangey colour for the font, line and background colour in the blog description box.(Why design a pink and grey template with an orange box??) Lots of trial and error with the colour codes to find the right thing to change, and found that some of them were images. After a bit of tweaking in Paint Shop Pro they are now more pink. I like 'em.
This HTML stuff isn't quite as hard as I had anticipated.


Jessica said...

The slippers look great!
Nice to see another Adelaide Knitblogger.

Tigers said...

Thanks Jessica,
I enjoyed browsing your blog.
Great socks, I'm inspired, you make it look so easy!