Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

I can see know that having this blog is going to take up more of my time.
Luckily I am on holidays right now and for the next 4 weeks, so that gives me some time to play.

My little girl is sick at the moment with some fluey thing. She has had a temperature for the last 2 days and it is slowly going. That is one thing that I am going to endeavour to change in 2006 - we were both sick for the best part of 2005 with fluey, buggy things and I think we've had enough!

I'm a bit very excited today cos I just applied to join in the SecretPal 7 for this year, I hope I'm not too late, deadline is today but if I allow for the time differences I may make it. That means I need an About Me post.

Oh, I also joined the Australia New Zealand Knitters webring, this may inspire me to post more and take pics of my projects.

I don't expect a lot of visitors here, actually don't expect any at all, cos this is mainly my place in cyberspace for my ramblings, knitting and spinning stuff etc.
I should have set this up when I was dyeing my yarn that would have been great with step by step photos. I still have the blue stain on my kitchen floor.

My shrug has been sitting very close to being finished I have about half a sleeve - no just the ribbing to finish off that's only 9 rows but I hate ribbing so that will go slow- and to sew the seam.

I used Zhivago for my shrug and that has been so nice to knit with and the fabric has come out soft so I should get a wriggle on and do it lest it become a UFO!


melissa said...

hello .
zhivago is lovely to knit with isn't it . im knitting a cabled vest and it is so soft and fluid to knit .. one of my favourite wools .. or is that yarn ?

Tigers said...

Hi Melissa,
Zhivago is one of my favourites.

I would love to see your vest when it's done.