Monday, July 10, 2006

Red sky in the morning...

This was the sky that greeted me this morning, (yes, it was that red) I remember this old saying whenever I see a wicked sunrise/sunset:

Red sky at night shepherd's delight.
Red sky at morning shepherd's warning.

Shepherd's warning was that he should get the sheep in quickly as it was going to be a stormy day. Well it was quite windy here overnight, settled now and the sun has started to come out, it's supposed to be an okay sort of day, a top of 18, but tomorrow's forecast is rain.

Yesterday afternoon was spent at knitting group, and I've come home with an 'I want to make that' attitude. Although I have my mittens to finish, Coronet and Fetching are now on my to do list.
Now as to the yarn, I don't think there is anything in my stash that will do so perhaps a trip to the yarn stores should happen these holidays.
I should put a 'To Do' list in the side bar but I fear it will grow waay too big, then I'd have to add all of my UFOs and that means a hunt through all my knitting stuff but now I am happily in denial and don't have to admit that the mermaid toy has not been finished or the blanket that was going to keep me warm during winter is just a really long scarf right now. Perhaps confrontation would be good and make me finish them off.

I do have some finished items I haven't been completely slack:
Last week I completed Miss A's grey/pink mittens - well they were supposed to be mine but they are a bit small so she can have those and I started another pair. A work colleague admired them and I sold them to her :( Now I have to knit another pair for myself. Next time I will knit to a price as what I sold them for barely covered the yarn. Lesson learnt.

Pattern Specs
Yarn: Piuma from Spotlight - 2 balls
Pattern: From Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns
Needle size: 5.5mm (US 9) - 2 circs.

School Holidays are here now and there are two whole weeks of prime knitting time.
Miss A should be suitably occupied as she now has one of those sets of knitting ring/looms from Spotlight and thanks to Miss B we can now make Scoobies. What do you do with them once they've been made?...we are yet to find out. But Miss A is loving them, so I can see another packet will be purchased when we come across them next.


Kevin said...

I know the majority of your post was on the knitting..but I just wanted to say that I came across this and the pictures of the red sky are extremely beautiful. I wish things like that happened here in Jersey but they rarely do. The nicest thing I've seen I actually saw a week ago, and one one side of town I saw part of a rainbow and on the other side of town I saw the other part of the rainbow and I'd never seen that before..I likes your page and nice pictures. =]

Tigers said...

Hi Kevin,
It was beautiful! I quickly grabbed the camera and snapped away. I have only once seen the sky that pretty - before digital cameras. It was so vividly colured I am so glad that it shows up well.
I should go and find my rainbow picture, that was a complete one over my backyard.

Jessica said...

Yarn shopping is a must.. blah like I need an excuse.
Anyways what day were you thinking of going???