Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The trip to the yarn stores was great fun, it's just a pity there aren't many of them and we can't go more regularly. ( I don't think their stock changes too much) Unfortunately I didn't find much that I really wanted to make something out of so my total purchases were:

Patonyle in cream to dye, I am planning to make a variegated pink pair, with a few stitches in each colour shade of pink from very pale through to very dark. Might be able to do it this Sunday.
Some Jo Sharp DK Tweed for Fetching, and Cleckheaton Country Silk because I liked the colour and thought Miss A might like it for a scarf.

More things to add to my 'to do' list! I still haven't done anymore on the mittens, I am so slack these holidays, although I have the best intentions of actually knitting it just isn't happening.
I plan to watch some episodes of "Buffy" and knit - I really do but the weather is so nice at the moment I can't settle inside.

I did however dye something else. I have this Bodymate pillow which lays across the back of the pillows on my bed and it had been a very bright peachy pink - a little like the top colour below. I did go looking for a purple cover for it but at $30 I couldn't justify buying a pillowcase. So my next option was to try and dye it purple. After one and half hours (and $11.00) it is now a beautiful royal purple colour, darker than the bottom colour, but you get the idea.

Not wanting to let the dye bath go to waste I searched for other items that I could dunk into the mix.
The t-shirt in front was next, followed by some white towels, flannels and socks. They didn't turn out a nice purple though, but a paler blue. But it was fun to do anyway, and I'd definitely recommend it.

Dye used: Dylon Cold Dye A26- ultraviolet.

I conned asked Miss A to make us some muffins so I'd better go and eat one get 'em out of the oven.

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