Monday, July 17, 2006

Yo Ho, Yo Ho or I want to be a pirate!

Because it's the holidays we have a list of things that Miss A wants to do. One of them was to go to the pictures. It was either Over The Hedge or Pirates 2, and after Piglet's Big Movie I will not let her pick the movie ever again! - I haven't fallen asleep at the cinemas since. So I had to talk her into seeing Pirates 2 - which wasn't as difficult as I thought it would have been, we've been watching Pirates of the Caribbean heaps these holidays and I don't mind watching it over and over, really ;) Aah, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Ice skating was another activity that I promised her these holidays so yesterday we forked over $27, donned ice skates, and for 2 and a half freezing hours I saved Miss A from breaking her neck/arms/legs/fingers etc, on the ice. I hadn't skated in, ooh about 17 years (used to go ice skating regularly in high school) She of course, has never strapped on a pair of ice skates in her life. Last time I went I'm sure you had to tie them on, now there is a ratchet/lever system to secure the blades to your feet.

If you were lucky you could snaffle a chair to push on the ice which helped with stability. So once she was able to get her hands on a chair whe was off. After about an hour with the chair she was ready to try it by herself. Not too bad for a beginner. At least I can say I didn't fall over or cause anyone else to fall either, it was quite fun and I reckon we'll go again.

Now a knitting update:
I am not knitting very much at all and really should get stuck into it while I have the time.
I have only this much done on my mittens:

At least they won't take much longer to finish.

Unless....Jess and I are off to the LYS's this afternoon! We did plan to go last week but Miss A was hit by a virus that makes you ralph a lot and lay there like a limp ragdoll who can't tolerate light of any kind. That was scarey cos it came on so suddenly but luckily only lasted for a day and was recovering the day after. Thankfully she didn't pass it to me, normally she shares her bugs.

Just don't know what to buy yet, maybe some sock yarn cos we all know I really need more of that.
I want something to dye, something for Fetching and Coronet perhaps.

So buying yarn and knitting said yarn will be taking place today, better go and get ready.

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michelle said...

those mittens are coming along very nicely!!! i'm planning on knitting a pair of fingerless gloves myself soon too!!