Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal!

When I got home today I had a surprise waiting for me to collect at the post office (We all love getting parcels now don't we?)
This is from my Secret Pal. This post is big on pictures as blogger was behaving today.

First up is the magic box - Customs had a peek inside and confiscated the kitty treats :(

Inside we have a lovely selection of lollies, yumm. I give 'em till the weekend then they'll be all gone. There is some jam too. Wonder what flavours looks like umm raspberry and apricot but I'll let you know when I taste 'em.

Some lovely hand creams and toiletries. Can't wait to try these.

Kool Aid for dyeing - soo much Kool Aid. Now I have to go and buy some yarn to try it on. I've used up all my Patonyle dyeing stash. Thinking about trying some Bendigo sock yarn......

Oh and I thought the little round things were lollies, hah luckily I read the packing slip, I think they are the Easter Egg dyes...would've been nice to try and eat those. (No wonder customs had to open the package)

This is some Silly Putty I had some of this when I was little and played with it for hours. I think this was supposed to go to Miss A...hmm maybe I'll have to have a go at it first ;)

PomPoms you should have seen Miss A's face when she saw these. She has a PomPom fetish big time. The cats now have some new toys aren't they just great it seems a shame to let the cats have a go at them. Andy loves the balls!

Some yummy Knit Picks yarn...Shimmer this I chose for a shawl. Some sock yarn we have Stargazer Lilly, Pansy and Grandma.

These were the best part of the surprise. My Secret Pal took all sorts of photos and had added some notes on the back. These were very interesting. See the one of the Coral snake? This actually bit her soon after she took the photo! Ouch! Beautiful pictures SP.

So thank you, this has made my day!
Now if you'd like to leave a comment and let me know where your blog is I'd really like to take a peek.


Sheilah said...

Hello there! I guarantee Customs has cats around there, they've never stolen cat treats before! And you know, they always steal my notes to you that explain contents of the box. I think they have a personal vendetta!

Flavors are wild plum and strawberry(both picked and or grown here in Texas by either myself or my grandmother.)

Round things are easter egg dyes, each tablet produces such pretty colors!

Silly Putty was meant for Miss A but feel free to play too! It glows in the dark!

Pom Poms were intended for the cats(they'll love them) but you can let Miss A decide on that.

The pictures are from all around the area that I live in and so on.

I'm so glad it got there, I just spent an hour on the phone yesterday morning while at work talking to the post office and they assured me it hadn't gotten sent back and to be patient so I'm glad I did.




Jessica said...

WOW!!! You got totally spoilt :)
What a great surprise to come home too.
Any chance your secret pal wants to sneak more knit picks into the country?? :)

Leeanne said...

Wow what a great gift to get in the post.

Our pets are very similar too.

michelle said...

holy moly!!! your secret pal is soooooooo generous!! so much goodies!!! i'm so jealous!! love the knit picks shimmer yarns!! too bad they dont post to aussie :(

sillyewe said...

That is just what you DESERVE!!!! You were such a great pal to me that I am so glad to see you get spoiled! :0)