Friday, July 21, 2006

Oh Bugger!

I've done it now.
You see if you go here the price for Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran is AUD$31.90 per ball. (and I reckon shipping would be extra) Yep, that's right!

But here the same yarn is only US$7.00 which works out to just AUD$9.34 per ball. You can do the math cos I need to go lie down now. (Turns out a saving of around $330.00 Australian)
So I now have enough to do either the Rogue Hoodie which is a jumper or the similar Central Park Hoodie which is a jacket.

You can see I'm trying to justify it but I hope you'll all agree it was too good to pass up. I just hope I can live with it if the colour turns out way darker than the monitor shows ;)

Now Jess what was that about a yarn diet?? Sounds good to me, lets start tomorrow.


Jessica said...

Rolling on the floor laughing at you here cause I sooooooooo would have done exactly the same.

Shhhhhhhhh about the Bendigo order I just mailed off. Okies so ummm yarn diet......... that doesn't include magazines does it? Cause I want to buy the one with the central park hoodie in it too:)

Is it bad that we could end up with similar looking wardrobes? :P

Corrie said...

omg I can't believe her prices! I am going to get out my books and my even more yarn - despite the unstarted projects I still have!!!!