Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fetching is finished

After some furious knitting fetching is now complete.
I did modify them and I am perfectly happy with them. I have put the changes here incase I lose my notes so I'll have a record of them.
I thought they'd look better if the cable up the top was repeated so you have 2 down the bottom and one up the top.

At the end work 5 rows k4p1 rib, then work a cable round then:
round 1: k4p1 rib.
round 2: Decrease by k1, k2tog,k1, p1 all around.
round 3: K3, p1 around.
round 4: Cast off - regular plain cast off.

This gave it a completed cabley (??) bit at the top and made them fit snuggly, just covering the base of the fingers.

Pick up 3 sts at each side instead of two and it helps to eliminate holes.
Round 1: Decrease by knitting 2 tog at each side, thus eliminating the extra stitches.
Knit 6 more rounds for a total of 7 for the thumb ending just below the thumb joint.

Working with the yarn was a treat and it took less than one ball. Just don't pull too hard on it because it'll break - I was tightening up a stitch - luckily I still had enough to weave in, but did not pull as hard on the second one.

I can understand how addictive these are, and I am off to start another pair for Miss A. I think hers will be in the pink Cleckheaton Country Silk. I'm itching to knit with that and she wants a pair, so her scarf will have to wait a little.


Rachael said...

They look great! I'm knitting the Rib and Cable Mitts from spring IK in country silk, and it's knitting up really nice, especially on my bamboo dpns.

(ha, the word veri thingy wants me to write "smodsh"!)

Jessica said...

They look fantastic!!!
I may have to make yet another pair :)
I like the longer length too.

knit twits said...

I've halfway through my first (Denise has finished 1 1/2 pairs (or 3 fetches) and I'm noticing that they curl a lot at the ends. Did you block yours? Or they just magically look like that?
Oh, if you're interested, I've done a fair bit of HTML, including an advanced WEA course, so if you want a hand it with it, send me an email.

Tigers said...

No, I didn't block them I think it's the slight decrease at the end and they are a bit longer so I think that helps to keep the shape.

larissa said...

Hey, they look great! Well, so do your last mittens as well. Fetching is definitely on my to-do list.