Sunday, October 29, 2006

I have just been gifted with these.....

Wanna closer look?

A friend's mother cannot use them anymore and was giving them away and my dear friend thought of me.

I will certainly appreciate and use it. I have a had a bit of a play and have just about worked out how to use it. It's not that much different to my Ashford.

Now today was spent knitting and the shoulder bind offs on the Central Park Hoodie had to be ripped out several times before I could complete the last cable and bind it off right. Unfortunately when I got home and had the left front and the right front sitting together I saw that I didn't have a matching cable on the left front so had to rip out again the shoulder of the right front. Are you with me? I sat for ages binding it off so that the right had a cable on the very top when I later found out the left didn't have one?!

Sheesh, now having cast on for the sleeve, the rib is not as tight as I like it. I like my cuffs to sit around my wrists snuggly and not flop about. I'm thinking of casting on a tighter cuff and graphing up the increases and adjusting them so the sleeve cap will fit the armholes. That'll have to wait till tomorrow cos I have no graph paper. I will be soo glad when this hoody is finished.

My motto: Nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

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Jessica said...

I wanna see the hoodie!!!! Pictures please:)