Sunday, October 01, 2006

Be afraid, be very afraid....

Blogger is really messing this post up- it's not letting me separate the paragraphs so it all rolls into one, sorry.
I took this quiz and just look at my result!
Of course I knew that I was so it's no surprise really. I took it twice and got the same results.

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I haven't mentioned my stalker before have I?
Well when my marriage ended I went along to one of those COPE courses on how to move on after separation. Well this guy there wouldn't stop emailing me saying how we'd be great together and how much he liked me ?! Geez I'd only just met him and only knew his name! Turns out he'd tried this with other members of the group and one member's daughter. Well every now and then he'll still email me with links to -ooh lets see how compatible we are / let's see if we like the same movie quizzes and photos (that I would never open I'd just delete) Anyway it made me feel creepy so I refer to him now as my stalker. The last email was a couple of months ago - now this course ended 2 years ago!! and it was only for 6 weeks.

I wasn't real worried because I knew I was a bit wacko of trouble and this poor guy didn't know what he was dealing with and now this quiz has proved it! ha ha.

On with the knitting content:
Ahh the Central Park Hoodie is coming along nicely:
Blogger isn't playing nice though and wont upload the picture! I've tried four times so maybe in a few days we'll see four pics of the hoodie's back. Sorry Jess, I know you really wanted to see it. You'll have to wait till knitting this afternoon.
Surfing this morning I came across this pattern. Hmm, it is specifically for beginners and looks good, I'll definitely add this to my 'want to knit' pile.
Cat content:
As I've been typing this there has been a strange noise from the backyard. Something jumping up and scraping the back fence. I thought it was Kitty because I did see her on the roof of the house behind us. Obviously it was a cat jumping up and not quite making the top of the fence and sliding back down again. Upon looking out some time later I could see Kitty coming back from over there but the banging/screeching continued.
I went out there several times and it wasn't until I did a head count that I noticed Andy missing. Gathering courage I climbed onto the rabbit cage and looked over the back fence. It's 6:45am mind you. I don't think we have neighbours there yet it's been very quiet and the dog that was there I haven't heard for a while.
Anyway looking over the fence yep, it was Andy. Poor thing was soo tired from jumping up and sliding back down as soon as he saw me he started meowing. A sad, sorry meow. How was I going to get him back, Kitty had been over there but she had obviously seen the trellis going up to the little shade area and uses that to get back. I think it was Andy's first time and he must have followed Kitty.
What was I going to do?? The big ladder we have was way too heavy for me to lift over the fence and I could just see over that fence standing on a rabbit cage. Would the rabbit cage continue to hold my weight?? Could I lift that heavy ladder over the fence?? Should I go and get help my friend two doors down has a teenage son?? But it'sonly 7am on a Sunday!! What if someone does live there how is it going to look when they see a woman in her pyjamas hoiking a ladder over their fence?! Looking around the yard I found the old beanbag that I'd been meaning to wash after a cat had piddled on it. An idea struck I'd hold the beanbag over the fence and then Andy could climb onto it and I'd pull him to safety, with him sitting nicely on the beanbag. hmmmmm.
Yeah, but as soon as I threw it over the fence he ran. Bugger. Ok, so I called him and then slowly put it back over the fence and after four tries he managed to hold on enough to be able to lift him.
I didn't count on him seeing my arm as an extension of the beanbag and he ran straight up it onto my shoulders. Luckily I had a thick jumper on over my pj's.
The beanbag is now part of the cat rescue kit.
Must add that Mr Ex and Miss A were not home as they had gone away for the weekend and every weekend Mr Ex has gone away in the past something has gone wrong with the cats be it sickness or one of them getting run over, it's always something!
It's times like this that I wish that I had a partner to help me, so I didn't have to do it alone. Some one I could be cacking myself laughing with over this ( I'm feeling my quiz results are justified cos I'm cacking myself laughing all by myself ). In the past I could call Mr Ex and know it'd be taken care of. But hell, I managed by myself and I'm none the worse for it.
So all of the cats are grounded for the day and they can stay inside, they've just used up one more of my nine lives. :)

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Jessica said...

LOL ooops poor cat. I wish I had been there, I would have been no help..... would have been too busy laughing at you in your jammies and taking pics for the blog he he he.

Now no more tormenting me with hoodie pics..... Hurry up this afternoon :)