Thursday, October 05, 2006

Addressing comments

Thanks for the comments...I've decided in future to try to reply to the comments in a post otherwise they get lost after a few days and unless you go looking for a response (I do) it's difficult to find. And I know I get excited to get a reply to my comments.

2paw : Thank you, I'm so relieved that it ended up looking ok.

Jessica : Yes, I remembered the Yarn Harlot did a post about fixing cables with pictures that really scared me. And now I have one of my own, hee hee. Must admit I was shaking the whole time I was fixing it. (and not breathing much)

somebunnysloveDOTcom : Imagine doing that with LACE? uhuh, I can't even knit lace let alone rip it and fix it like that. shudders Although I am leaning towards lace in future projects....

Now after all that fixing I'm thinking that the size I chose may be a bit big - not by much but I'm thinking as a jacket it might be ok to knit it a tad smaller than a jumper.
It works out the same size as my favourite jumpers but as Jessica suggested jackets are open in the front ( yes it did need to be pointed out to me) and it'll gape anyway. So it will be bigger because of that openness.
No drama because I've only nearly completed the back and am quite ok with reknitting it.
It's hard to judge how it's going to turn out. Deep down I've had this inkling that I should be knitting the next size down.
Should I follow my intuition or keep going? I think I'll restart it, wool stretches so it should be no problem in a smaller size. That way it won't look like a dressing gown as I fear it'll end up.

I actually thought I was knitting the 44" size all along until I checked and found out this week that I was doing the 48" one. Don't know how that happened!


Jessica said...

Have you washed?wet the back yet to see how it behaves or doesn't behave as the case may be???

sillyewe said...

Congrats on the fix! That must have been a scary process, but now don't you feel empowered? It looks great. And you got a ticket for me, too, didn't you?????

How are you??? :0)

sillyewe said...

Ahhh, well, I am afraid Oz will have to wait a bit longer before I am able to make it there again. ;0) I certainly do miss it there, however. Have you been on Google Earth? I checked it out recently and looked all over Adelaide. It was so fun!