Sunday, October 29, 2006

Not another update?!

Ahh so much is happening here I have limited time to actually post. Feel free to skip straight to the knitting part.

Let's see...
The Centrelink issue is now done and dusted with a resolution in my favour, worth the fight I must say.

Mr Ex is dragging out the Property Settlement. He has has it for 8 weeks now and he and his lawyer are taking their sweet time contacting my lawyer. Funny that, he always insisted on a fast and amicable settlement when he is the one doing the stalling. Let me tell ya their are dirty little tricks happening here at home. He is getting really good at setting Miss A and me up. It took me a while to realise the extent of the set ups but he is good. Lots of things that he knows will upset me.
I'm sure I'll laugh about it later but man he is doing me in. Should be all over in 6 weeks but that's what I said 8 weeks ago. sigh

Preparation is going well for tertiary entry right on track there. STAT test is in 3 weeks.

Knitting Part
Been concentrating solely on the Central Park Hoodie, which had me stumped there this week. The 2 fronts are not going to line up perfectly they are 1 row out which won't be a problem. The cables will match though and that's the main thing right?. A quick call to Jess got things sorted and now I'm on my way.

Looking forward to an afternoon of knitting with Jess and Miss B today.

Giving up on knitting group today for several reasons:

One being that on such a great day it has been scheduled for the library cafe (our winter location) and I am getting tired of going there (overpriced food, mouldy cheesecakes and not much choice in the way of food) The ones that actually attend regularly are itching to get back to the gardens and the people making the decision don't always attend.

Two: most people cannot attend this week anyway and I'd probably end up sitting there on my own. Knitting in public is fine if you are not the only one.

Thirdly: Jess is still recovering so staying home will be good for her today.
Better run I need to go and have a shower,oh and must duck to the shops for cake.

Knitting goes so much better when there is chocolate cake don't you think?

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