Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Quick Update...

I am soo tired...
I have spent the day at a course to help me prepare for the STAT test (mature age entry for Uni) 7 no we finished an hour early, 6 no we had a half hour for lunch, okay 5 and a half hours of test questions.

My brain is busted.

Not much knitting has taken place here lately. The Central Park Hoodie has a back, a left front and half a right front. Each evening this week I have had good intentions of picking it up but have been side tracked by one thing or another (mainly going to bed really early - at 8pm!) It's been my first week back at work this week.

Going out for tea with friends and Miss A tonight and really looking forward to a Schnitzel Parmigiana yum, my fave! Luckily I don't have to work this Sunday so hopefully I can slot in some knitting, but I really have to get stuck into my Personal Competency Statement for Uni entry.

I got word last week that I have indeed passed my Cert 4 in ICT (hip, hip) and the Cert 4 in Business Admin has been finished too. I've signed up for a Cert 3 in Disability Work and can transfer credit across from the other two Certificates lessening my workload by 5 units out of 11. At least it has paid off completing them.

My to do list now stands at:
  • Property settlement, going slowly but progress is being made there.
  • Uni Personal Competency Statement.
  • Maths for STAT course in a few weeks.
  • Actual STAT test in a few weeks too.
  • Cert 3 in Disability.

'Keep yourself unstressed' recommends the instructor...ha

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