Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The socks are coming along nicely, I am now up to the gusset increases and almost ready to start the slip stitch pattern under the heel. I think I'll try the Eye of Partridge this time. Almost ready to cast on the other pair! - I am still on holidays this week and have plenty of time to complete the heels, so shh, we'll keep that a secret.

I can't remember how I divided this ball up, but you can see that I picked the right starting point for them. The pattern lines up well. I know they have a long pattern repeat but half a sock?! Don't know if I can do this again. With all my hand dyed yarns they are just going to be cast on, there is no way I can line them up as I just chucked the dye on willy nilly and fudged it to get the same effect overall. Busting to see how they turn out though.

Pattern: Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes and Heels Book - standard pattern I always use.

Needles: 2 x 60cm circulars.

Yarn: Opal Magic Yellow.

The little guy is settling in, the others only growl at him in passing. This morning he was playing with Scrappy and Kitty in the yard. He has really made himself at home, last night he bounded onto my bed and plonked himself down with his head on my pillow and his butt in the bed!

He is fascinated with my knitting and will attack the needles which makes knitting difficult until he falls asleep. You just have to get his attention and he'll jump on your lap for a cuddle and a snooze.

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