Monday, April 17, 2006

Dyeing Adventures

I trust everyone had a good Easter. For me it was the best one in years, Mr Ex has gone for the weekend and Miss A and I are having a girl's weekend in.

Ahh, Easter Sunday, a nice sunny day - a perfect day for dyeing some yarn.

I have more pictures on my Picture Trail albums. Blogger wasn't playing nice again and swallowed every photo I uploaded for an hour, so I have uploaded heaps to PT (my complete hand dyed collection and some 'in progress' photos in a separate album) and these below are yesterday's efforts.

Miss A and I had fun naming them.

First up is Marine Life:
This had black flecks too, but they washed out!

Here we have Moss:

This was made by using up all the left over dyes from Marine Life. Then saturating with a light green to help mute the colours.

Ooh Crushed Berry:

With purple and black, dabbed on randomly then purple was used to fill in the gaps.


The first one using flecks but they all washed out. I had another go below though. Oh and the pink turned into a coral colour.


Second attempt at flecking. I used more dye powder to help retain the hot pink colour. The flecks are more like spots. The spots were done with blue dye so the pink has purple spots, the yellow has green spots and the orange has brown spots - very pretty.

Cute Content:

Kitty likes the beanbag at the moment, she'll stalk it, wrestle it into submission then snuggle in it. She sleeps in it every night. Used to be the end of my bed but Puddy has that spot now.

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Jessica said...

Looks like you had a fun easter. I love your marine life yarn.