Wednesday, April 26, 2006

After some furious knitting the last few days, we have completed gussets. Heels are the next step.

I said that I'd try not to cast on for the next pair of socks until I was at this stage. For once I managed to stick to it. Last night I cast on using "Crayon" from my hand dyed stash. Can't wait to see how this knits up.

Hopefully I'll get to the heels Thursday if I can drag myself away from these ones.


Jessica said...

LOL If you are anything like me, the fascination of watching the yarn you dyed knit up will be much more entertaining then the other socks. Maybe you will have to take turns with them an hour or so on each pair so they both grow :)

The new cat looks very happy too.

Tigers said...

It is!! I'll have to set a timer I reckon.

As for the cat, I *could* show you some pictures of it curled up on my pillow at 3am!