Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sock Progress

Now that the weather is getting colder, I feel more like knitting.

There's been some steady progress on Miss A's socks. Enjoying these, love making socks and I am restraining myself too because I really want to cast on for socks in some of the yarn I dyed last weekend. So I 've made a deal with myself, knowing heels take all day (3-4 hours each to fully complete, so I need to set aside a good part of a day to solidly knit heels) When I get to the heels and there's not enough time to finish one in one sitting then I'll cast on new socks.

D'ya reckon I'll last??

I finished this scarf for a co worker - finally - I had to choose a yarn that I didn't like so that when I was finished I wouldn't want to keep it. I've kept two others for myself. Even though this is very soft and warm, and the colour is not what I would usually buy, I like it. There were so many knots in this yarn I hope my joins hold out. Part of me thinks that I can't risk giving it as a gift if it'll come undone....fingers crossed.

Here is one that I just had to keep myself, I love this yarn, love the colours. So much that I had to make a matching hat.

This hat worked up quickly, but alas it is not deep enough for my big head. So another will be made shortly. Miss A is the owner of this now.

See what she's done with it?

It's perfect for a nest for her two Egg Flips - a new collectable (bird ??) toy here in Oz. They know how to market to kids don't they, cute looking, different smelling, you don't know which one you'll get when you buy 'em and you gotta get the whole set! Yeah right!

Aaww, aren't they just the cutest faced toy you've seen lately.

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Jessica said...

Looks like the weekend to set ourselves knitting minimum challenges :) Must be something in the air.