Sunday, April 09, 2006

Knitting update

Thanks for all the kind words regarding the loss of one of our cats. Much appreciated.

Ok, on to knitting content:

Currently knitting a Brangelina hat using the same yarn for the pink/ white chunky scarf a few posts ago.
Going on an excursion with the class, on a boat, to see dolphins this week and need warm accessories, eg. scarf and matching hat. Hopefully the kids won't laugh at me (like last time, lol) and I won't lool like a d**k (yep, duck :) ) Must remember to take gloves.

Must finish said hat and scarf too. Should disconnect internet and knit more.

A few scarves. Come to think of it I have not gone much further than my last post on what I am currently knitting.
I envy the people who churn out finished item after item. I seem to spend more time thinking about knitting than actually doing it. Hmm must rectify that.

I am thinking about Denise interchangeable needles and the Needlemaster set of needles.
Does anyone have any preference for either one? I think they both have their good points. Denise needles are available in Oz from The Woolshack for $85.00.

I also crumbled and ordered this. I have been coveting it for ages and finally decided to get it. Should be here very soon.

If I'm not knitting or thinking about knitting I'm reading about it! Yesterday Miss A and I ventured into the city to collect some books I had reserved at the library - 'A Good Yarn' by Debbie Macomber, and 'Knitting' by a local South Australian author - Anne Bartlett.

Also awaiting delivery from are two books 'Knitting Rules' by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and 'Mason-Dixson Knitting' can't wait.

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Jessica said...

I hope you are doing ok.

The kids will only call you a *duck* cause they are cold and jealous of your super warm hat :)

Id rather be a warm duck personally.