Thursday, April 20, 2006

Can we keep him?

You know that we lost one of our cats 2 weeks ago...weeellll...

A couple of days ago the neighbour's boy came knocking at our door to ask if the bundle he was holding was one of our cats. He'd been feeding it but his Mum said they couldn't keep it. Do you want it he asks?
"Nooo!" says I, we already have three! "No thanks", and off he went.

What was sitting out on our outdoor chair in the backyard the next day??

I tried to ignore him but ended up ringing Mr Ex at work and saying that we've been adopted and what should I do. I was ready to pack him into the cat cage and head for the Animal Welfare. But Mr Ex said "Well give him some food" and the words "wait till I get home". With anyone else he would have wandered away but not our house. We are the ones most likely to take him on. What can you do??? Mr Ex said that he can't bury anymore cats and was reluctant to keep him, and it would have to be my decision and my responsibility.

Anyway later that night after checking to see if he was still out the back, we made a bed for him in a box with an old blanket, but he preferred the mat on the back step. It was getting cold and he has a sore leg (he's limping and so skinny too.) so we decided to let him in. You can imagine our other cats were delighted with this! They've only been hissing at him, nothing too fierce. So he stayed the night.

Guess where he slept? Yep, with Mr Ex.

Guess who I caught snuggling and smooching with him in the bathroom this morning? Yep, Mr Ex.

Guess who says he better stay for a few days to see if his leg improves? Yep.

He has made himself right at home here. I tell ya, he kicked a goal coming to our house.

He's not that old either I'm guessing around 10 months. He's very affectionate. Cute little face. Beautiful orange eyes. Miss A likes him.

Debate rages on what to call him though - I suggested "Andy", but Mr Ex says he's not standing out the back calling "Andy". He suggests "Tiger" because he's a tabby cat and our last tabby cat was "Tiger". Miss A suggests "Hoppy" because he's hopping.

So, can we keep him??

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Tigers said...

I mucked up the sign it and now I'm posting this comment manually:

Jessica said:

It's not a matter of weather you can keep the cat........ it's a matter of the cat keeping you. Looks like it has claimed it's new owners, yet another clever cat.

But you already knew that :)

Tigers -
Yeah, deep down I knew he'd be ours.