Sunday, February 04, 2007

Turning UFOs into FOs

I don't know what it is but lately I have felt the need to complete some UFOs.
Fetching number 3 for me is finished.
Doll blanket number 1 is finished...can't remember where or what Doll Blanket number 2 is?
Here's the pictures:

Completed blanket

Blanket in use

Here is the reason Barbie and Ken were not happy last night:

Kitty (top observation deck) and Andy (penthouse) decided they needed a room for the night.

In other news, remember that I bought a smaller, newer, modern, sleek, fantastic car in December??

Yeah, well fantastic car has had an oil leak, so after taking it back to the car yard where I bought it for repairs and being fobbed off, told it was fixed, nope nothing wrong, etc - it was still leaking so I decided to take it to the local dealer for independent tests and repairs.

After the dealer having it for 2 and a half weeks I just got my little car back on Friday. So Miss A and I took it for a drive to the beach and got a celebratory icecream, ducked into Foodland for some tea and when I came back there was a stupid A**hole parked 2 inches - I kid you not 2 inches!!- from the back of my car!!! I just got in and forgot to take his number and forgot to check for dings thinking that no, nothing would be amiss (trusting soul aren't I)....

Next day I remembered to check....yep bumper was scratched and lower down has some scratches and a chip of paint taken out of the lower bumper.

Not to mention how pleased I was on Saturday morning to find out that the car was still leaking in the exact same spot and worse than when I took it in to be repaired!! AARGGHH!!!
2.5 weeks and $1800 later I am back to square one.

They had the engine, transmission, Air Conditioner, everything, all out - rear main seal they declared - big expensive job, so everything they did to it was unnecessary because it still leaks, I paid for work that didn't need to be done because it still leaks.

They will be getting a call from me come Monday morning!
Is there no one that can find and fix an oil leak?
Is it because I am a woman they think they don't really need to fix it?
Did they just overlook it? honest mistake?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I know it's just a car and worse thing are happening out there.
Mr Ex thinks this is funny and taunts me about it.
This is typical of my life anything can and does f*ck up like this. Constantly. I am tired of it. I want to cry. I can feel the depression monster stalking me so don't be surprised if I don't blog for a while.

Edited to add:
Okay I've had a bit of a cry and a lay down (and some chocolate ;) )and I am feeling a little better about the whole situation. Fingers crossed we can get it sorted out soon.


Jessica said...

Your finishing all these projects is making me feel very very slack.

The car STILL Leaks??? CRAP!!!!
I would be asking for, actually no....... demanding a refund and going elsewhere........... perhaps consumer affairs..
These buggers can't be allowed to do this, especially if they are stuffing about cause you are a woman.

2paw said...

I know how you feel: it all seems to go pear shaped at the same time, doesn't it?? Glad you feel a bit better now. I love the new Barbie Cateau!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope some Karma is going bite your Ex on the behind! Oil leaks are a pain to find , we've got one . Luckily it's small atm , so we're just topping up.
You're doing great - at least you didn't leave it and have a burnt out motor. That counts.
cheers Tina M (Ktog)


lovely page, blessed,c ya