Saturday, February 10, 2007

Of scarves and things...

Recently finished the Stress Relief Scarf, this was a kit available in stores by Patons, if I remember correctly. It came with a circular needle, a sewing needle, instructions, yarn (Zhivago) and a nifty zippered bag. I have made several of these now and from different yarns. This one is Velveteen and it was a quick knit.

I have decided not to fringe this one.

I liked being in between projects, that delicious time of choosing what's next. Maybe some Karaoke, or that nice Alpaca from Bendigo, Noro, hmm what else is in the stash?

I thought that I'd try the Irish Hiking Scarf but as I only have one ball of the Bendy Alpaca, I left off a cable repeat so this one will only have two cables. i like my scarves narrow and long, I'll see how it goes and if it likes this or wants to be something else - I was thinking of Coronet.

So far it's okay.

Oh an update on my car....
the leak is indeed fixed - a simple sump plug problem, now the skeptic in me wants to know if it was this simple to fix all along or were there really mega buck leaks.....we willl never know.

A bit sad on Friday after work when I went to my car to find that the idiot next to me had opened his/her door onto my car and taken some lovely chunks right out of my driver's door!!
Hmmm, white on dark blue does stand out terribly. So this morning was spent finding some touch up paint.

Thanks to the wonderful guy at the crash repairs who colour matched and mixed up a jar of paint for me and then asked if I needed help to apply it. "That would be great," I replied "then I can see how to do it"

After doing the door he then proceeded to check the whole car and spent some time touching it up - the car - and as he did we chatted and I told him how much bad luck I was having with it. When it came time to pay he said not to worry about it and that maybe that would help to change my luck....wasn't that nice of him? Phew something nice for a change, now if I'd just been able to get his phone number.....

Miss A is sick this weekend so we are in for a real quiet time of knitting and dvd's in bed.

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Jessica said...

Do you remember that commercial where the dad loads up the family car with a protective covering of mattresses and anything soft from in the house before teaching the daughter to drive? I think maybe your car is wanting some padded protection. Either that or some spikey sticky outy things that damage any other car silly enough to come near your car.