Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh my stars

Now who says that the horoscopes are all generic and broad?

How about mine, dated the 9th (Friday) which I just saw today:

Remember that material possessions are just that - material. At some point in your life, you are either going to lose them, ruin then, or throw them away. The only question is when and how. Don't put yourself through unnecessary emotional turmoil over the loss or damage of something tangible. Attach yourself to people, rather than material things. Good friends and loyal family members will be there for you until the end.

Spooky huh?
Bearing in mind a few days before it did say that my luck was going to change. Yippee I thought until I realised that luck can also change from reasonably okay luck - and you don't know that that is your good luck - to bad luck and not always to really good luck.

That scarf has told me it wants to try and be a Grape Hyacinth scarf pfft! yeah right have you seen the pattern for that? I've had three goes at just the ribbing so far. But it is looking like it needs to be this scarf so I will keep trying.

Anyway now I am sick as well as Miss A, we have a burning need for groceries and I am not feeling very well which means I have to push myself to drive the car (shudders - when I think of the car I get this funny twitch..... ) to the nearest grocery store for milk, iced coffee and more chocolate and cheese and cat food and kitty litter and...............

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Jessica said...

Funny how we are always out of groceries whenever we get sick.
I hope you and Miss A get better soon :)