Friday, January 26, 2007

More Finished Objects!

Ripping out the first lot of Miss A's Fetching's was the way to go! These babies knit up extra quick - maybe due to the fact they are one repeat less and a larger yarn than I previously used. They have turned out slightly larger than the first ones.

I am itching to make another pair for myself as these are comfy. The first ones that I made for myself I didn't bind off loosely enough and it is slightly uncomfortable, but these ones....mmmm.

Yarn: Country Silk in Pink
Needles: Boye size 4 US

Another FO is this hideous scarf in something called 'Sparkle' - thin and nubbly and sparkly - I think came from Lincraft or Spotlight. I have had it on the needles for over a year and it is good to get rid of it. I asked Miss A if she'd like it and her face lit up she thinks it's great.

After rearranging my yarn stash I have found all my UFOs. The Vest with the yarn that made my fingers peel (as soon as I find it that is - it has some good circulars and a very nice stitch marker- can't for the life of me find the damn thing) and the Eyelet Baby Hat, that would fit an adult, have gone to the frogpond. Not too bad but I don't think I'm gonna finish the Mermaid toy from the 'Knit A Square Make A Toy' book or the family of guinea pigs Miss A wanted last year - I have the yarn for them though oh what was I thinking ?!?

Here's to knocking off some more UFOs hey?

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Jessica said...

I bet Miss A is happy those fetchings are done.