Saturday, October 31, 2009


I was lucky a few weeks ago, I am not often lucky but must have gotten some good karma from somewhere - treat people nicely, have some patience, be kind etc lol.
I managed to catch a Wollmeise update following the steps posted by RoseRed. Here's my first lot of Wollmeise:

L to R we have Fuschia, Aquarius, Hortensie, Rittersporn and 2 Ballerina.

Here they are close up the camera did not capture the colours quite correctly they seem to glow IRL, but it does show the difference in colours especially with Rittersporn.






I can't get over how tightly twisted the skeins are they are very firm and stick out, not soft and floofy and falling over. I'll see how they go when it's time to wind them into balls.

The knitting goddess shined on me again and I now have some Poison Nr 5 ( along with a few others) on its way here, hopefully this week (it takes only 7 days from when it is marked 'dispatched' I have wanted Poison Nr 5 since I saw it being knitted on someone's blog just 2 years ago, and my heart skipped a beat. Will post pictures when it gets here.


2paw said...

Oh well done, I am ever so envious, but still not motivated enough to try!!!

Rudee said...

Does the title Delight even begin to cover things? I don't think so! Lucky you.