Thursday, October 01, 2009

The demise of a jacket

These school holidays I had three major goals -besides getting a good rest (four days in my pjs counts for that right?) and gosh how nice that was - wait I am still in my pjs now, guess there is a fine line between relaxing and slob I will let you know where that line is when I find it.

Anyway the goals were:
1. to finish Ms Koalajeans take 2
2. to frog my Cental Park Hoody Oh Nooooo!
3. Block the vest

Well it was easy reknitting Ms Koalajeans and here she is...

It was a little snug straight off the needles so I am hoping that a good blocking will stretch it out a little. It is still heaps better than how it was before.

I also had to block my Bracken Vest which I think I finished a few years ago and then stuck it in a bag in the top of a cupboard ready to block.

And now my CPH. I loved this hoody, it was one of the first jackets that I knitted (second actually) unfortunately I chose to knit it in a size that was about 2 sizes larger than I needed. (what was i thinking?!)

Oh and since then I have learnt the importance of recording size knitted and needles used etc. I have to reknit this but have no idea what size needles were used. I think I used 5mm not sure, and I have to go hunt for the pattern, I have a vague idea of where it could be but that's it. I will have to go to Ravelry and look at the cover of the magazine it was in.

Here is my lovely assistant assisting me wind the pieces into balls:

After about and hour ot two, this is how it looked:

Can anyone forsee any problems winding this back into balls? It was okay on the swift but off it, it puffed up and now it looks like fancy cushions!

Here it is soaking in some Soak Wash, mmm smells nice.
Still soaking at the moment so I will post more pictures of it later. I will weigh it down a little to get rid of the kinks. I knitted Ms Koalajeans 2 with kinky yarn and it was not nice, it was rough in places.

Now, off to do some R&D (research and development) on Ravelry, I will not be frogging and re-knitting anymore jackets!!

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2paw said...

So glad you have finished your new Koala, you are a fast knitter!!!
In the olden days my mum skeined and washed the wool, hanging it on the line to dry and then we wound it into balls. Your expanding wool is very funny!!!