Sunday, November 01, 2009


We don't celebrate Halloween in Australia but over the years it is becoming increasingly popular. This year, as a favour for a friend Miss A and I went to the Parents Without Partners (PWOP - there's a whole 'nother post there) Halloween Party.

Of course we had to dress up gah!:

Miss A looking scary as the Grim Reaper and me as Buffy The Vampire Slayer. So easy to do BTVS - wack on a blonde wig and go find Mr Pointy and we're all set. This is the best picture of BTVS although I couldn't work out why the flash wasn't working, it took me ages to work out that my finger was covering it - and I have 6 photos to prove it. I wish I could blame that on the blonde wig but unfortunately my brain has decided not to work properly for a few weeks now.

My friend and her daughter went as a witch and the devil. I can post this pic as it doesn't show her face and I don't like posting pics of others without their permission and if i asked her then she would know about this blog and shhh it's a secret.

They had some activities for the kids like this one:

Miss A and her team had to wrap a small child in toilet paper, you can just see the poor little paper-wrapped boy. They also had an eyeball and spoon race.

It was a good night lots of music and most people made the effort to dress up.

Watch out, she's comin' for you, and you!

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