Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Taming of the Yarn and Maybe I Need To Get Out More

The yarn has been surprisingly easy to tame, no tangles at all, such relief. lol. Here it is in my drying cabinet - looks like a fridge but it has a fan at the bottom and it will blow hot or warm air upwards. I think this is from the 1960s or 1970s, great for driyng yarn.

Here are the balls all dry and ready to knit:

And here it is reborn as a Viking Cable CPH.
Loving the challenge of incorporating the cables into the CPH pattern.
Not much of a challenge for some but for me it is.

Having issues with trying to work out what needles and what size to work in regarding jackets. Ms Koalajeans 2 below, is much better than before and I am so much more likely to actually wear it BUT maybe I went too small, now I ummed and ahhed over the sizes and calculated and thought and you know...thought it would be ok but it has turned out a bit on the small size. I like how it looks on, it is passable but not perfect, but no way can I do it up, it will have to stay an open jacket. (At least I don't have to go searching for a button) It could be and inch or so longer.

What do you think for the next one? Do I just go up a needle size, I know it will be more drapey and that would be ok or do I go up to the next sized needle or do I do both. How do you work out what size to knit?
I feel if I cannot make one that is just right - with all the agonising over sizing that I am doing and to have it not come out as expected according to my calculations - that I may just give up altogether. ( I hope I don't and don't want to but I cannot keep reknitting completed jackets lol) And gauge geez, I am so close to correct gauge if only possibly maybe a quarter of a stitch out and then I remeasure and it is bang on gauge. The only other things to change are needle size or pattern size.

There must be something wrong with me at the moment I was watching Casino Royale you know the James Bond movie with Daniel Craig and after the movie was finished I was so upset, for days people, for days. Here was James ready to give up his career for this woman and she ended up crossing him (to save his life it turns out later) and drowned herself and he tried to save her. I was so upset because he was in love with her and she was not just another lay to him etc and it ended badly. This has been on my mind for days now. I just feel so bad for him. I need to watch it again, but Miss A won't let me: "Gee Mum I'm getting worried about you". Weird huh?
Maybe after all the womanising we find out why he distances himself from his ladieez. Just as he begins to open himself up he shuts himself off again, perhaps it is because I can relate to that.

Maybe I am just in love with Daniel Craig's James Bond, no that couldn't be it, must be something else.
I will need to watch the next movie to find out

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2paw said...

Your CPH looks great. I am no help with sizing: my meant to be fitted Basic Black cardi which is green is very full and loose!!!
I am pretty sure you are allowed to be thinking about imaginary people from films and TV. I know I do!!!