Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

Miss A arrived home last night, she is pale, pastey, grumpy
(as predicted...she wasn't home 5 minutes before yelling at me?!) and looks just terrible, needless to say we stayed in last night.
This had something to do with the cat throwing up though. It is not right to just watch the cat throw up, you have to move her so she will not puke on anything not easily cleanable. Watching her hawk up while she is under a table, is not ok with me, if you are near the cat then dammit! Grab Her! Don't sit there, in the way, 2 feet from the cat and watch and yell at me. I just said to grab the cat and was met with a verbal attack.

Sometimes I think these visits do more harm, it takes days to get her back to her happy self. Don't get me wrong, she loves and wants to go I am just not sure about the care she gets while there, the other children are older and have a later bedtime, I think they let her stay up until she is ready for bed (10-11pm) and then the excitement of 3 other kids gets her up at 6am.

Got some photos to share.....
This is how far along the bag is:

I am enjoying this knit and did actually rip back 10 rows to bring the stitch count from 296 which looked huge even before felting to a still big 256 stitches. Even if it felts to half the size it will be big enough. Slight problem Miss A saw it and asked why I used that horrible colour. Doh. I quite liked it and was thinking about how I could snatch it for myself.

I thought I was going to run out of yarn as the base sucked up nearly 3 balls before the frogging and I wanted 2-4 in the sides (estimated) plus 2 for the handles (I know that is an overestimation there but I want to be on the safe side). So off I went back to Spotlight and got some more blue/orange Vintage Hues. While I was there the orange colourway looked very yellowy, yellow is Miss A's fave colour, I kicked myself - Why didn't I choose her favourite colour? Needless to say I got some of that to make another bag for her, I quite like that colour, looks a bit like tiger stripes and I just love tigers.

See anything wrong with this picture:

A Knit Picks needle is not meant to come apart there is it?

Right up until 11:48 was happily knitting along on the bag when this disaster struck. No stitches were lost, I hunted for the superglue and couldn't find it, ( I am sure I put it in an easily findable place last time I used it) luckily Bunnings opens at 9 today.

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