Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I trust everyone had a good Christmas, mine was very quiet, as usual, quiet but nice.

Miss A has gone to her dad's from Christmas day to NYE. One more sleep to go, it is getting easier to let her go and count the days till she returns, well she doesn't return, some grumpy, harpy returns and 2 days later she appears, but that's a whole 'nother post.

Do you think I could settle into some serious uninterrupted knitting time for the 6 days she was gone? 6 days, no plans, no 'have to' do anything, nope, but that was they plan. oh well.
But now that she is due back tomorrow
and after speaking with Jess last night, I am raring to go and have found the magical project that will renew my soul and reinvigorate my love for knitting and help me stop verbally harassing the cats. I have, or will have - as soon as I stop looking things up on Ravelry, petting my yarn and blogging about it - decided on my next project : TaDa... a French Market Bag for Miss A.

Project Specs:
Needles: still agonising over the size here (what ones, what ones I think blogging is my way of procrastinating on this decision) I *think* I will use 5.5mm *think*
Yarn: Cleckheaton Vintage Hues colour 1279 blues and reddish in colour.

I really want one for myself so why would I be starting one for her first?

Aha! there is method in my madness.....( I have clearly been left on my own too long with only the cats to talk to, like they are actually people and care about /understand what I am saying)
  • The size will be an 'unknown' and I have pretty clear expectations on what sized bag will be right for me, I need to practice first, see how the yarn/needle size gels with the finished product.
  • Don't know how firm the fabric will be in relation to the needles used. Ravelry can be a curse, when you are trying to work out what needles to use and 4 people on there have each used different sized needles. Will be experimenting with 5.5mm, or maybe 6mm, hmm maybe 4.5mm ( see what I mean )
  • Don't know how the colour will turn out in the end, have chosen my least liked colour to experiment with.
  • Am making this first one slightly larger that the pattern specifies due to not knowing which sized needle to use and the fact that the yarn specified has a different gauge to what I am intending to use.
  • And finally OMG Miss A's birthday is in 9 days and what have I bought for her?!? Surely I kept something back from Xmas like I usually do....nope.....Have I bought something during the year and put it away, forgotten in the back of my wardrobe?....nope...can't I just say that the bike I got for her in August was her present? .....nope....How about the new glasses that she needs, can't they be her birthday present?........c'mon now your just bein' mean, no glasses means she can't see......This doesn't make me a bad mummy does it?? She will get a gift. (if I get off this damn computer and start it)
So you see how I really must stop researching and blogging and petting the yarn for this project and GET CRACKIN' - she's home tomorrow!!

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