Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bag? What Bag?

I should have listened to that inner voice. I sort of did when I ripped back 10 rows but I should have gone further. I thought it was huge but was kinda sure that it would lose inches in the felting process. It shrank heaps length wise and not much widthwise.
Dimensions before were:
14inches across bottom square base
14 inches tall

(Blogger insists this is the right way up for this picture)

After felting it was:
12 inches square across bottom base and
8 inches tall

It felted really nicely, lost lots of colour variation though as it all melded together.
Miss A saw it and instantly said "I'll have it", after a fit of laughter at it's size, so it has gone to her as planned. I still think it would make a better cat bed. Gee, looking at those pictures though I can see that it did shrink a fair bit.
It is still huuuge.

I am now going to raid all the pure wool from my stash, I know I have cat bed yarn in there somewhere. And I want to make another smaller bag for myself in the same colour. At least I know it will take a shorter amount of time as it will be way smaller than this one. I am planning 10 inches square base and 14-16 inches for the sides - I still want it taller.

Please knitting goddess, don't let me accidentally make something out of non-feltable yarn. Cos we all know that's where I am headed next.

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