Friday, January 02, 2009

The best superglue ever...a cautionary tale

Standing in Bunnings debating the merits of cheap superglue with one that cost a few dollars more.I really neded this to hold well so I bought the more expensive superglue, the 'Loctite' brand, sounds good doesn't it? Mr Ex used Loctite lots so I knew it was going to be good. You put that on bolts and stuff that you want to stay put.

So when I got home I knew that I needed a strong bond between glue, plastic and metal. So I slathered the glue all over the end of the plastic cable and then put a dob in the metal hole just to be sure. This is where I became unstuck hahaha.

I tried to take a photo, but the camera will not focus on something so small.

I think the glue dried too fast - it set in about 2 seconds!!! - making the plastic now slightly larger than it should be for correct insertion. I pushed and pushed but I could not push the plastic cable all the way into the metal :( (operative word here, all )

Now the join is super bonded albeit about 4 mm is left sticking out that shouldn't be ( I have pulled and tugged and cannot yank the cable out ) At first I chucked it in the bin, but on second thoughts it is thicker yarn and with such superior bonding there is no way that it'll come unstuck now so I tried it out and yes, it'll pass. The yarn doesn't get caught much at all, really, I hardly notice it.

A new cable has been ordered, however. And if you need to stick something I highly reccommend the 'Loctite' brand superglue it's fantastic!

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