Sunday, January 27, 2008


The Flared Lace Smoke Ring ended up a no-go. I couldn't knit a repeat without stuffing it up!
So Ice Queen was the next best thing. A nice easy knit, something that I think would be suitable as a quick Christmas gift, along with Fetchings.

Yarn: Caressa DK

I need to make another one though because I made this one too short, but it is okay for Miss A.

Kiri shawl has been started:
Yarn: Kauni EG
Needles: 4.5mm

Been doing some 'home improving' these holidays, as well as the outside, I got my plumbing fixed ( a few seized taps, new washers needed here and there, a dripping shower repaired etc ). I treated Miss A and I to a new bathroom vanity. The old one was small and dinky, only one cupboard and just about to rust through where the plughole was. Not to mention it was low compared to this one, no more stooping to wash my hands. Bliss.


2paw said...

Well, the Ice Queen looks great, is it the one on KNitty?? How exciting to be starting Kiri, looks good!! Nice bathroom cabinet. I reckon it will make you very happy!!

Life's little stuff said...

I've started the Ice Queen, but I'm using the lace weight I got from
make it your own blog. It's taking a long while!! I think I'm up to row 9 . LOL

cheers Tina