Saturday, January 05, 2008

First FO of 2008

I'm counting this as the first for 2008, even though I could have finished it New Year's Eve. It really needs blocking though, this is the first item where I didn't block the individual pieces and now I am regretting it.

Yarn - Neon from Bendigo - Bracken

Pattern - PT 8227 from Bendigo I modified the ribbing as they have it doubled and turned back on itself and use short rows and I didn't like that.

Stash Enhancement:
After umming and aahing for several weeks I caved and purchased:

Dream in Colour Smooshy - Dusky Aurora from Knitting Inspirations

Dream in Colour Smooshy - Gothic Rose also from Knitting Inspirations

Araucania - Ocean, from Tapestry Craft.
I would love to know how they dye this as not one strand is the same, and variations within the strand are mottled. One of my aims for this year is to clear out the shed and set up a dyeing area. I plan on getting a big table to lay the yarns on, storage for the dyes and utensils and maybe a second hand electric stove or a microwave specifically for dyeing. I have some Cascade 220 in a bright pink which I want to splatter with black and blue.

and Jewels also from Tapestry Craft

All of which I have in mind for shawls.

Like this one:

Forest Canopy Shawl, a tester for Miss A. I am loving knitting this! Not sure about the colours though but Miss A loves it.

Our cat enclosure should be done by Wednesday next week whereupon I will post pictures. The cats do not use the pet door willingly at the moment because it only goes to that square enclosure I posted about earlier. My neighbour had the idea to turn it on it's side and push it up against the cat flap enabling the cats to go outside of their own accord now. Rather than me fighting to put them into the enclosure out in the yard. I need to get some shadecloth ready too, as it gets very hot down that side in summer and they will need shade.

Uni studies are going well I received a letter commending me on my high acheivements (a Credit and a Distinction in my first 2 units) Assignments are due on the 14th of Jan so I am busy working on those. All is well there.

Can't wait to get back to work this year as I have spent way too much, need to focus on bills and debt this year as well as saving. I also want to focus on fitness too. Way overdue!

We went to the swim centre the other day and spent about 6 hours in the water- my friend encouraged me to move my arms and legs constantly, which I mostly did, by treading water the whole time. Miss A and her friend would not allow peaceful, floaty resting in the water ( I nearly fell asleep at one stage it was so nice!) that was an invitation to be splashed - today I am still stiff and cannot move easily. So more time on the treadmill is needed this year.

It has been so hot here, a heat wave last week 3 days over 40 degrees C, yesterday was close to 39 and today is supposed to be 39 degrees.That is about all I have been doing - study in the morning, try to knit the rest of the time and watch episodes of Angel. sweet.


Jessica said...

Yay!!! You got the vest done, and the shawl, pretty.

Evil, evil, evil putting up store links so I go clickety click.

Pretty, pretty sock yarn. I neeeeeeeeeeed some.

Life's little stuff said...

Sounds like you've been very busy. You'll have to give me some tips on staying sane with studying etc and finding time to knit . Fitting the cat flap - Fantastic!
We lost our cat for a few days - she'd been schmoozing. Luckily the schmoozer was desexed. (Next stop the vet ) Glad yours are fine.